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Find a place where you can connect and grow with other men in the Stretched Men Group mastermind.

The Stretched Men Group (SMG) is a paid mastermind designed to help you stretch and thrive through personal coaching in a small group setting.

Led by sought-after author and coach Jon Stolpe, each group is designed to help take men like you to the next level as fathers, husbands and leaders.

Jon invests in each member and draws from his years of experience in the trenches to help men get un-stuck, get back on track, and make a difference in the world.

If you’re dealing with past regret, struggling to keep it all together, or just looking to make some positive changes… Jon can help. Don’t miss out. Get more details about the group here and check out answers to frequently asked questions here.

Find out more about the group in this conversation with Jon Stolpe and Shawn Washburn…

What people are saying…

As a two semester Stretched Group participant with Jon’s facilitation, I highly recommend investing in your future and your growth as a man and father by joining one of the new groups forming now.   Jon is always prepared, brings relevant material and questions to the table to keep the conversation going, and is always encouraging.  It is great to learn and to hear from others on different stages in the journey to becoming the best we can be for the world and our family.  My life is definitely growing richer because of Stretched – it certainly is a worthwhile investment.


The Stretched Men Group has been extremely helpful in several areas of my life. The conversations are honest, and at times, tough, but I couldn’t have imagined making as much progress without each of the guys. Jon facilitates each session with focus and sensitivity. He is open and challenges us to dig deep, and from the guided explorations and questions comes clarity. Each of us come from a different walk of life which offers different perspectives on the topics that arise. I’m not much of a joiner, and I was hesitant to take part in this type of activity. Vulnerability is hard, but it is absolutely necessary for change and accountability. I’m truly grateful for the opportunity and look forward to continuing.



  • Bi-weekly 60-90 minute online video calls with Jon and your small group. Each of these calls includes
    • A valuable teaching on an applicable topic from Jon
    • Engaging group discussions where you can ask questions, encourage, challenge
    • A rotating hot seat where a different member gets extended time to focus on their individual challenges, questions, life events.
  • A private Facebook group where you can interact outside of the video call. Jon will show up regularly there to help answer questions and offer encouragement.

When a child is raised in a father-absent home…

More likely to suffer obesity

More likely to drop out of school

Greater risk of poverty

More likely to become pregnant as a teen

stats according to the National Fatherhood Initiative

about Jon

Jon Stolpe is the founder and leader of the Stretched Men Group mastermind. As a husband and a father of two teen children, he’s learned a lot through the years and is passionate about helping other men grow.

He’d love to have you join him and a small group of other men as you stretch each other and discover all that you’re meant to be.

Jon is the author of On Track: Life Lessons From the Track and Field, where he shares practical tips about how to live the life we were meant to live. As well, he contributes regularly at the Stretched Blog at jonstolpe.com.




“I would like to be more intentional with my parenting and my faith.”



“I’m looking for help refocusing my vision for my family.”



“As a new father, I want to make sure I start out on the right foot.”



“I’m looking to gain some accountability.”



Get valuable, practical tools and tips in each group session that you can apply to help you stretch as a father, husband, and leader.


No matter where you’ve been as a husband or father, find encouragement, hope and direction for the future.



Be yourself in a safe group where you can receive accountability and community as you’re stretched to a new level of manhood.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the Stretched Men Group (SMG) mastermind for me?
SMG is for any man who wants to improve as a father, husband or leader in society and is willing to make the changes necessary to make it happen. If that’s you, then maybe it’s time to make the jump.

What is the secret to understanding women?
Sorry… got nothin.

How will my small group meet for sessions?
All groups will meet virtually online using video-call software. Men will also be connected through the private facebook group. You can get more details about the individual meetings here.

What kind of equipment do I need for the meetings?
A computer with internet access, a webcam (integrated with laptop or other), computer speakers and microphone. Coffee is optional, but recommended.

What number am I thinking of?

How many men will be in my group?
Your group will be limited to 4-5 men in a group. The smaller number creates a tighter bond and allows for more time to share and more effective meetings.

How often will my group meet?
Meetings will take place every other week, at a time and day that is agreed upon within the group.

How long am I committed for?
Each mastermind period last three months. After the three months are over, you can talk with Jon about what direction you’d like to go from there.

How much does the Stretched Men Group cost?
Everything is included for $97/month. If you’re interested and want to find out more, please submit your name and email and Jon can answer any of your additional questions.

What does the cost go toward?
The monthly cost is used to facilitate the monthly calls and Facebook group as well as allowing Jon to research and prepare for each call and provide the best value for you.

How tall is Jon?
Jon is 6′-6″ tall

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